Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Patriotic Bunting




In anticipation of our 4th of July Weekend, I have placed a few patriotic touches here and there around my house. Not too much, but just a little red, white and blue to celebrate our country and Independence Day. I made this patriotic bunting two years ago and it is still the star. It is bright, vibrant and a bit unexpected with its polka dots and stripes.

This is a project that was so easy to make and with all the scrapbook paper available, is only limited by your imagination. As long as you keep to the red, white and blue theme, any pattern can be used. It looks great on my mantel, but would look perfect strung between two trees outside or on the front of a buffet table.

To make, simply cut a template for the shape of bunting you prefer, trace on scrapbook paper, cut out then string on red and white butcher's twine by folding down and gluing the top edge. For complete step by step instructions, look here. Simple as can be - my favorite kind of craft.

Happy Tuesday!


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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Morning Again




It's Monday morning again and it feels like it came just a little bit too soon this week. The weekend held some fun, busy days, but I am looking forward to our holiday weekend.

  • The weekend started with a fun event on Friday night. We joined a big group of friends at an outdoor car show. It was a very casual affair, where we took our own chairs and drinks, but it was nice to be outside on a beautiful summer night.
  • Saturday was a wild day with rain and extremely windy conditions. I did get a pedicure with Melissa and it felt so good to sit in that massage chair for the hour it took to make my toes look pretty. I could take or leave the pedicure, but the massage chair is worth the price.
  • The sun was back out on Sunday, but my backyard looked like a hurricane blew through. No trees were down, but I spent a good hour picking up sticks, large branches and leaves. As much as I try to keep everything picked up, it is almost impossible when you live in a house, surrounded by trees.
  • Sunday afternoon I walked down to a neighbor's house for a graduation party and spent an enjoyable few hours catching up with my neighbors over a glass of wine. Her backyard was lovely, with several tents and beautiful flowers on the tables.
  • We have plans this week for a fun 4th of July spent at a friend's lake cottage, so the week should go fast in anticipation of that. The summer seems to stretch out with endless days in June, but when July comes it seems to speed up somehow. I hope we have the beautiful weather predicted for this weekend, since we haven't had many hot summer days, as of yet. I look forward to days spent in my bathing suit with a cocktail close by my hand; either at the lake or by the pool.

Happy Monday!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Patience in Gardening




My corner perennial garden is finally coming into its own. I have not shared too many photos of this spot, because it has been a work in progress and patience has been required. But, this is the season where everything is filling in as I have envisioned it would.



It's right on the edge of the woods and the green, lush backdrop gives it a secret garden feel. I inherited the black rock from its previous use as a spot for my daughter's trampoline and have never really liked it. But, this year I added some more natural looking river rock stones, scattered here and there and I finally am happy with the softer look.



There has been a lot of trial and error too. Since it is close to the woods, there are many little critters who like to chew on the tender leaves; both bugs and animals. I think I have finally found a combination of plants that are resistant to these foragers. Instead of planting my cutting zinnias in the ground, I have put them in a pot and the bugs are leaving them alone.





This garden has required patience, as I waited for plants to grow and fill in. There is color now and more blooms to come later in the summer and fall. Every day I wander back to this corner pulling a weed here or deadheading a flower there. I have made something pretty and while it has taken a little time, the result makes me happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer PBS Watching




The return of a new adaptation of Poldark received a lot of attention in the press, but since I was in high school the first time around and not a PBS or BBC fan, I wasn't aware of the story. And, what a wonderful story it is and produced in the finest tradition of all BBC period dramas. There is sweeping scenery, melodramatic characters and the perfect love triangle. The actor who plays the title character, Ross Poldark, is enigmatic, kind and full of the kind of depth that can be compared to Mr. Darcy. There is English country life with class distinctions highlighted, similar to those in Downton Abbey. In fact, if you are a Downton Abbey fan like me, you will enjoy this series. I'm happy to be once again watching a period drama on Sunday nights.



Also returning this weekend, is perhaps my favorite BBC show, Last Tango In Halifax. The characters in this show are just so well written and the dialogue is so smart. I love a show where the dialogue carries the story and this show revolves around the conversations, rather than the events. It has a unique story, but ultimately is a show about how families work. My favorite relationship is between the two step sisters who after a period of fighting, became closer in last year's episodes. I'm looking forward to seeing their friendship develop even further. It's a very sweet and funny show, well worth catching up on and watching.

Happy Thursday!


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