Thursday, January 19, 2017

Last Night's Book Club






A lovely welcoming table, delicious food, wine and good friends were a much needed respite last night. Between our move, problems with elderly parents and life in general, a night out was just what I needed. We were a small group of just six, but sometimes it's nice to be able to talk to everyone at once and really hold a meaningful discussion.

Our dinner was so good; salmon, cooked on the grill with a wonderful smoky flavor, a wild rice blend with mushrooms, carrots, celery and almonds (I need the recipe), perfectly grilled asparagus and homemade carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting and fresh berries on the side. As usual our hostess outdid herself.



I have to admit that I did not read the book, but was still able to contribute a little bit to the discussion. We read The Alchemist and you can read the reviews here if you would like to know more. The reviews from our group were mixed with some enjoying it and others finding themselves bogged down halfway through. It's more of a short story than a novel, so it's a quick read if you are interested. My only excuse for not reading it is that I'm in the mood for light, escapist reading at the moment, rather than something introspective.

I just love my book club and sincerely hope I will find the same type of women to share life with when I move. But, ten plus years of history and shared experience will be hard to replace.

Happy Thursday!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Tuscan Bean Soup - Recipe Redo




Our weather is no longer frigid, but still plenty cold enough for a warming bowl of soup, especially on a lazy Sunday. I first made this soup a few years ago and had forgotten about it until I was looking for an idea for something to make in the crock pot. The original recipe with the original pin can be found here.

But, this is a true recipe redo because this time, I actually ended up not making it it the crock pot due to time constraints and it ended up being just as good. To make this stove top version - bring to a boil all ingredients, except for ham and beans, in a large soup pot, then turn down heat and simmer for about 1 hour. Add beans and ham and gently simmer for about 1/2 hour longer.

I also added and extra carrot or two, because I love a lot of veggies in my soup. The flavor is really delicious and it's hearty and filling. Serve with some warm bread and it's a perfect winter night dinner.

Happy Monday!


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Friday, January 13, 2017

Embracing Change




So, today let's discuss my move to Florida that I talked about here. It's starting to seem real now that the calendar has turned to 2017 and I'm starting to feel just a little bit overwhelmed. I'm still excited, still looking forward to living in Florida and moving into a new house and know that once I get there, I will be happy. But, there is just so much change to get through to get to that point. And, I don't really like change.

If I had to pick a theme for life in 2017 it would have to be "embrace change". I need to think about all the things I am looking forward to and take everything one day at a time. Because, the big picture - selling the house, packing and leaving Michigan, is a lot to wrap my mind around.

Our builders for our new house (sneak peek of model pictured) should be breaking ground this month and we have already picked out everything from doorknobs to appliances to paint color. We have been making decisions about what to take and the consensus seems to be that most of our furniture will not be making the move. We need to go lighter and brighter; more in keeping with a Florida house. So, furniture shopping when we get there will be something to look forward to. I'm especially excited about finding comfortable and fun furniture for the lanai, where I know we will be spending a lot of time.

Other things to look forward to: going to the beach whenever the mood strikes, dining outside year round, year round golf, yoga on the beach, walking the path along the intercostal, visits from my daughters and of course the abundant sunny days with no winter weather. Especially, no winter weather!

I keep telling my daughters change doesn't have to be bad and that it just means that things will be different. It's going to be a whole new life with new experiences, new people and it really will be an adventure.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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