Monday, September 26, 2016

Early Morning Tailgate




Mimosas to start the morning right.


Group Shot including my husband, my daughter, her boyfriend and my sister and brother in law.



Early morning on campus.


Big Ten Tailgate live broadcast.


For a noon football kickoff, we need to be waiting in line at the parking lot at 7:00 that morning. That means leaving my house well before the sun is up or any sane person is awake on a Saturday morning. But, it's worth it when we arrive on campus and see we are not the only ones excited for the day. We quickly set up our tents, food tables and chairs and got down to enjoying the morning and anticipating the big game against Wisconson.

We had a table set up for mimosas (real glasses of course) and three other tables full of breakfast food. We even had someone making (to order) Crossaint Sandwiches. It was a little chilly to start the morning, but after the sun started to warm things up, we were fine in our sweatshirts.

The Big Ten Network had their first ever live tailgate show right next to our tailgate spot, so we were able to walk over to that area a few times and see what was going on. It was interesting to see their live broadcast and we might have even been in a background shot on television. I won't say too much about the actual game, because it was a bad day for Spartan Nation, but win or lose, the tailgating is always fun.



My contribution to the breakfast menu was Baked French Toast with Struesel Topping. It is great for early mornings, because you prepare it the night before and bake it when you wake up. It's delicious too served with a little warm maple syrup.

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Club - Last Day of Summer







In order to accommodate schedules, we decided to change our Book Club night to Wednesdays this year and this first meeting in September just happened to coincide with the last day of summer. To mark that occasion, we toasted and looked back on a good summer with delicious peach bellinis (pre made from Trader Joe's - who knew?) on our hostesses backyard deck. As is always the case, we were so happy to be back into the routine of getting together every month.

Our dinner was beautifully presented and scrumptious as usual. The grilled pork tenderloin medallions had a slightly spicy rub that I loved and the cold pasta salad, as well as the fennel and strawberry green salad were the perfect side dishes for an end of summer feast. Dessert was a neopolitian cake, as delicious as it was pretty.



As for the book we read and discussed, this was another case of how being in a book club gets me to read a book I would normally not pick up, but end up enjoying very much. This book is based on the true story of the first black women to graduate from Vasser in 1897. The twist and the conflict in the story is that Vasser was not aware until the end of her senior year that she was black and that she had been passing as white all four years. We had a very thoughtful discussion and it seemed especially timely in the racially charged environment we live in today. If you like historical fiction, this is very well written and has a lot of interesting detail about the Seven Sister schools and the origin of women's college education in the late 1800's.

Have a wonderful weekend - tailgating on Saturday for me so Go Green!


Monday, September 19, 2016

A Case of the Mondays




After a pretty quiet weekend, I'm afraid I have a case of the Mondays this morning. I'm just trying to get myself going and hoping that some coffee will help. Also, having the sun rise later and later these days and waking up in the dark, does nothing to get one going in the morning. I think it's a good day to turn on some cozy lights, maybe light a candle and embrace the quiet of the morning.

There was a lot of football watching around here this weekend, and I possibly have somewhat of a football hangover, after MSU's big win over Notre Dame on Saturday night. As you all know, I live and die for my Spartans during football season and before Saturday, there was really no way to know how good the team would be this year. After that game I am more than a little excited for the rest of the season.

I did a lot of walking this weekend and am starting to enjoy the slow change from summer to autumn, just starting to be visible as I walk through the woods. It's not so much that the leaves are changing yet, but the change can be seen in the late afternoon and early evening light. Rather than the harshness of bright sunshine, there starts to be a softness in the light, combining with a slight chill in the air, that gives more than a hint that fall in coming. It's about to be my favorite time of year to walk.




I read two really good books last week that I want to recommend. They are lovely books, written by blogger Molly Wizenberg about her life. The first, A Homemade Life, is all about her relationship with food, her family and the impact of the death of her father. At the end of each chapter are family recipes, each with a story of its own. The second book, Delancey continues where the first book ends, with her marriage and the whirlwind that follows, as her husband fulfills his dream of opening a restaurant. It may not be her dream, but it's a story of how she came to support him, while keeping her own dreams intact. There are recipes too and you feel like you are taste testing for the restaurant right along with them.

Happy Monday!


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