Monday, January 27, 2014

A Snowy Brunch



Sunday, we were invited to attend mass at a nearly 100 year old church in downtown Detroit and then go to brunch at a lovely restaurant called La Dolce Vita, a true gem in an an older, run down area of the city. It was a snowy cold morning, but we braved the winter weather, bundled up in our warm coats and boots and had a wonderful experience.

The church is located in a still vibrant part of the city, near the University of Detroit-Mercy, and looked peaceful and welcoming on this Winter's morning. Aren't those heavy doors beautiful and let you know you are about to enter a special place?

The courtyard at the restaurant was covered in snow, but in the warmer months, you are able to sit outside next to the ivy covered brick wall and enjoy brunch in the sunshine. We were happy to be warm and snug inside on this cold day :-)

With my two favorite things on the brunch menu - bottomless Bloody Mary's and Classic Eggs Benedict, I was very happy. There was also an Eggs Benedict offered with smoked salmon and artichokes. It sounded interesting, but I can't resist the classic.

We had a wonderful morning and early afternoon and it was the perfect way to spend a snowy day in Michigan. A snowy brunch on a Sunday in January is a great recipe for chasing the winter blues away.

Happy Monday!



  1. Oh that is a beautiful church and the meal is beautiful and making me hungry. Worth the bundling up and going out. Keep warm. B

  2. Beautiful church, setting . . . Beautiful you, too! Wish I had some of that yummy food right ths very minute!

  3. Bottomless bloody mary...Count me in! You don't look too bundled for this freezing weather! You look lovely! I love old churches.

  4. What a beautiful church! Looks like great food too.

  5. Good church and good food are great antidotes for whatever ails you. Love the snowy photos, and cute outfit!

  6. What a lovely brunch you had and looks like it was fun!

  7. Great warm and friendly morning, I'm sure!...:)JP

  8. The setting is beautiful! Fantastic pictures.

  9. That sound just lovely! So pretty! :)

  10. Looks like a beautiful church and a wonderful brunch!

  11. What a great day. Our Sunday consisted of church and then a date with the snow blower after a huge storm on Saturday. You didn't get it? We're only a couple hours down the highway from your (in Canada), so I thought you would have had horrible weather too.

  12. The brunch looks delicious Vickie as does the picturesque setting. Your snowy photos are are cold and wintery looking! Stay warm

  13. Love old Churches and brunch looked very yummy..a little jealous here..

  14. Sounds so wonderful. It's so easy to just stay in on a snowy day, but it's great that you made the effort and were rewarded with a fabulous brunch in a cozy spot. Hope you show us pictures of the outdoor brunch once the weather warms up!

  15. What a lovely church! I love how the structure is well-taken cared of, despite it being 100 years old. The brick details remain vibrant and the walls do not look to be that old at all. Anyway, the eggs benedict you ordered for brunch looks amazing. I've never tried the meal with smoked salmon on the side, but I doubt it will be anything short of amazing. Thanks for sharing that, Vicki! I wish you all the best!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks


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